Mentorship Program

"What is a teacher? It isn’t someone who teaches something, but rather, someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows." ~ Paulo Coelho

The Teaching Mentorship is geared towards individuals with basic teaching credentials aiming to elevate their teaching style and find their uniqueness.

The Non-Teaching Mentorship is geared towards individuals with a committed yoga practice who want to take their yoga to a deeper level. This program is well geared as a precursor to teacher training.

Testimonial from Emerlyn Honey (graduate of the program)

I had just just returned home to Perth after doing my intensive 200-hour teacher training in California, San Francisco and was looking at how to take the next step. After going solo (as many graduates do) and teaching a couple of classes in the community, I started to reflect on how hard it was. I felt I lacked guidance and support, and was not 100% certain if what I was teaching was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and more importantly ‘safe’. I didn't know who I was as a teacher and became really confused with the overwhelming amounts of opinions and information on the internet.

Rhyanna's mentorship program was exactly what I needed at that point in time. Every Saturday morning I assisted while she taught which gave me incredible insight into an individuals’ body and how they move (without having to worry about cueing and sequencing - what a relief). I became a part of the special yoga community, assisting in workshops and covering classes while Rhyanna was away. Most importantly, I received the guidance and support I was looking for.

Rhyanna is an incredible mentor with invaluable knowledge and wisdom to share. I felt comfortable approaching her with any questions about my teaching and my practice. The best part of the relationship was that I never once felt like she was trying to mould me into anything other than my authentic self. She did anything and everything to provide me with all the opportunities that could assist me in my exploration of yoga teaching. I am incredibly grateful for the program and would recommend it to anyone looking to further explore their role as a yoga teacher