About Us

The Sole Supplier was founded in 2013, with the aim to provide accurate trainer news and release information for the UK and European market. Our community of partners (brands and enthusiasts) provide us with new and exclusive content daily alongside our dedicated in-house team of experts.

Curation and selection are key processes for The Sole Supplier. Each item on site is handpicked with insight into legacy, fashion trends, audience and heritage considerations.  Through working with over 50 different retailers online, we provide up to date release information on the most coveted footwear from across the continent. The release dates section has become a pivotal destination for the sneaker and streetwear community, especially those looking to stay up to date with trends.

The Sole supplier’s news section is the landing place for all rumours and breaking information from the footwear community. Visitors will find this section littered with rumoured releases, leaked images and reviews from our team of trusted experts. Video content is also a heavy focus, to give a more dynamic, informative and visual insight into the latest trend from the footwear scene.

The Sole Supplier iOS app relaunched in late 2018, with the purpose of providing an even smoother user experience for the sneaker community. Through our app, we also deliver all the latest releases, launch dates and confirmed stockists.

Editorial Policy

Born in 2013, The Sole Supplier aims to deliver the most up to date sneaker news and release information for the UK / European market. We are the fastest and most comprehensive sneaker news site, delivering daily news and content on exclusive sneaker releases.

The Sole Supplier are committed to the highest editorial standards, ensuring our news and content is accurate and truthful. As sneaker experts we are passionate about our content and giving our readers informed and up-to-date sneaker news. We live and breathe sneakers so take great pride in our editorial principles and process.

Editorial principles
Our editorial principles are:

  • Accuracy
  • Impartiality
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Originality

We work to ensure our content is accurate, impartial, transparent and that we are fully accountable to our readers. Our content and news is original, unique and serves an audience who are just as passionate about sneakers as we are.

Editorial process

To ensure we consistently meet our editorial principles, The Sole Supplier has a clear and rigorous editorial process –

  • Planning
    • We have a detailed content calendar which allows us to plan and structure our articles carefully over time, whilst also giving us the flexibility to respond to breaking news stories when they arise.
  • Research
    • Before writing our content comences, we undertake methodical research on each topic. All our content is carefully researched and fact checked to ensure accuracy at every level.
  • Production
  • Visual assets
    • During production we source relevant imagery or visual assets (and any associated permissions), or undertake our own imagery to give each article a unique visual edge.
  • Editing and sign off
    • Once drafted, each article is reviewed and edited by our senior team. Articles are checked for accuracy, tone, presentation and spelling/grammar. Once approved by an editor the articles are either pushed live or scheduled for a particular date and time.
  • Review and moderation
    • Once an article is live, it is reviewed again for accuracy and presentation, to ensure all correct spelling and styling has been implemented correctly. We also take feedback on all content from our audience on social media, and feed this back to the wider editorial team. This helps us to understand the kinds of content and formats which are resonating best with our audience, helping to inform our future content plans.